Solving the complexity of MSI analysis from genomic data

About Technology

Improving MSI Diagnosis with Next-Generation Sequencing

MSIcare is a cutting-edge software as a medical device. It aims to improve the detection of MSI biomarker in solid cancer using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology.

We demonstrate the current limitations of NGS-based data interpretation algorithms. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we improve the computational detection of MSI based on our own specific analytical parameters.

By leveraging the power of NGS data, MSIcare can provide highly accurate and reliable MSI diagnosis. Clinicians are enabling to make more informed treatment decisions and improve patient outcomes. 

MSIcare also offers powerful features for research purposes or clinical research applications.  

Explore MSIcare to unlock the potential of precision medicine

Scalable to pan-cancer analysis

Compatible with Whole-Exome or Targeted-Genome Sequencing data

Tumor tissue analysis without referencing with normal specimen

Compatible with genomic data from tissue or blood samples

Run from FASTQ or BAM files

Optimized panel of microsatellite markers based on the tumor type

Empower your labs to deliver high-performance MSI testing

Use advanced genomic analysis algorithms to enable MSI research in any type of solid cancer and at any stage of the disease

Interpret raw genomic data in routine clinic 

Provide a comprehensive assessment of the genetic profile of tumors, for more precise and personalized treatment strategies

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