🦀 Together, let's move forward in the fight against cancer, contributing to more efficient diagnosis and personalized patient care. 
For €500, become a shareholder in our company alongside investors specializing in health and embark on the MSInsight adventure!  
Participate in our crowdfunding campaign with the Capital Cell platform.  

Preferential stock benefits until July 15th

Investment open until September 25th

5 good reasons to invest in MSInsight

A solid and experienced team, supported by opinion leaders in our field 

Unique expertise combining business, science, and clinical

Robust clinical demonstrations of the reliability of our diagnostic tests

An active pipeline of prestigious medical laboratories to experiment with our solutions 

Growing demand for precision diagnostics for personalized medical decisions

Exclusive advantages by reserving your place before July 15th!

  • If you validate your investment before July 15, benefit from an advantageous rate on the share price 
  • For French resident, with your investment, you benefit from a tax exemption of up to 50% of the amount invested (Young Innovative Breakthrough Company status) 

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How to Invest with Capital Cell ?

Capital  Cell is the leading investment platform for biotechnology and healthcare companies. Only 5% of the best companies are published there after a rigorous and in-depth analysis. Investing in MSInsight means investing alongside professional investors with the same conditions and advantages. Capital Cell has invested over 100 million euros in over 100 European companies.  




After clicking « Become a shareholder, » create your account on Capital Cell. 

Once your registration is validated, go to the Capital Cell MSInsight page. You will have access to all of our documentation.  

Click on the « invest » button and follow the steps. 

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